Here at Maramor Chocolates, we make a wide variety of chocolate treats including chocolate that is good for you!  Our healthy line of chocolates include:
Dark Chocolate with
Calcium and Vitamin D3

IMG_4981Benefits of Calcium
• Essential for good skeletal function
• Critical for teeth and bone health
• Vital for cellular balance
• Prevention of osteoporosis
• Can help control blood pressure and hypertension

Benefits of Vitamin D3
• Critical for teeth and bone health
• Linked to prevention of osteoporosis
• Vital for blood vessel health and brain function
• May play a critical role in heart, respiratory and breast
health, and immune system function

Why Chocolate and Supplements?
• Chocolate provides an ideal delivery system for Vitamins and Minerals.
• Supplements in chocolate can be an indulgent treat and beneficial to your daily diet.
• Chocolate aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamins and calcium.
• Functional chocolate – a delicious and easy way to add supplements to a healthy lifestyle.
• Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and is a delightful true delicacy from mother nature.

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